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Dara In Park City

We here in Dara are so appreciative of Terry for inviting us to play on his show up in Park City. He’s really running a fantastic program up there. When I say he I do mean Terry on his own. With the exception of one intern Terry runs the entire program from the writing, to the camera work, to the on screen shenanigans. What kinds of adventures did we have in Park City?

It was apparent to all of us that this was a huge content opportunity. How did we prepare for that? The same way we prepare for any other appearance. Practice, practice, and more practice. And that’s not to say just playing the songs was all we practiced. Each of us took it upon ourselves to really hone in the performance aspect of the show. For me that meant stage presence,  for Ben it meant coming out from behind his guitar, and for Jasie it even meant learning a new instrument! Aside from just the preparations on the songs we were going to perform, we had a surprise cooking as a show of gratitude for Terry to.

The Ride Up
After a final run through of the set, we got all packed up and ready to go. Packing was extra tricky because we were down a car and had some extra people and things to bring along. We made it work though. Years of Tetris experience was paying off. With our cars loaded up we made the journey up Parley’s Way. The ride was about 30 minutes and relatively uneventful. When we got there we unpacked and set up. Terry had asked that we show up 2 hours before airing so that gave us plenty of time to get put together and sound check. I was in awe at the studio. There were a handful of different sets in the one room, plus a green screen. After working all the kinks out of the sound everyone was ready to start the show!

The Show
The lights kicked on and the Terry did a short introduction for the program. Once that was out of the way he introduced us and we opened with Heights of Space. Always a crowd favorite, but there was no crowd we could see. That made for an interesting dynamic. Once we finished up and cut to commercial we all broke and chatted a little. Next Terry interviewed some people who were opening a new music venue in Camus. Once Terry wrapped up the weather we played Waiting and cut to another comercial.


The Surprise
To wrap up the show, Terry briefly interviewed us. It was nice to get the word out, but as he was announcing our last song, we threw a little wrench in his spokes. As a show of gratitude for having us on, we brought a signed and framed copy of the album, and presented it to him on his show. His surprise and gratitude were palpable. Once we all had that moment, Dara went straight into Once Had It All to wrap up the show.


Playing PCTV was a fun and valuable experience. I think everyone learned something while we were up there, and we made some new friends to. How have you learned and grown recently?
Much Love,

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