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PCTV Prepares For Dara!

We are excited to announce that Dara will be playing on Park City TV on Wednesday September 23rd! There is such an ecstatic feeling about playing out again after how well our CD release show went. Having all of you out to support us at The Music Garage really energized us and gave us some fun new ideas for future performances.

Our love for Salt Lake and the music scene here is overflowing. There isn’t anywhere we’d rather be playing and growing together. Park City is basically a little sister to the scene here in Salt Lake. The two are so closely tied in both music and culture that the membrane between them is very permeable. That said, PCTV is probably the premier press opportunity in the valley (or just outside of it to be precise). It warms our hearts to be able to share our music with such a diverse crowd with their help.

Park City TV is such a staple for Utah that we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we got in with them. It all began back in July when we played a show with Patrimony. They are an incredible band out of Portland and were coming through Salt Lake on their tour. They hit us up to help book a show with us in town. We were happy to help them out, and play out in the process. After figuring out what kind of venue would best suit us, it was decided that The Canyon Inn was the best choice. You can read about the show here: Saving The Canyon Inn. In talking with Patrimony we found out that they had an appearance scheduled on PCTV. So they gave us the contact info and the rest is history, or will be after the 23rd!

It’s so exciting to be preparing for our first television set! There has been a lot of discussion of what to play and what could make for a more exciting show. We have a lot of things in the works and can’t wait to play.
Much Love,

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