DARA - The Red Tiger Nebula
"The singer has serious chops!!!!"
- John Poppo, The Recording Academy (Grammy's)
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New Album Out by DARA

Pulling from a vast medley of influences from around the world. DARA’s new concept album expands into several genres, styles, and emotions taking you on an unforgettable inner journey.

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Born from the stars. Centered in the earth:

A world rock group from Salt Lake City, Utah. Eclectic music that is unique, passionate and sends a strong message.

DARA is a driving confluence of eclectic sounds that carries a message of peace and love through a distinctive style of rock.
A movement that reaches beyond the music physically into the world.

Lend us your ears, open your hearts, & enjoy the journey!
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DARA - The Red Tiger Nebula

“The Red Tiger Nebula”

DARA On ITunes

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